Please do not use these email addresses for support requests. For contact specific to research, outreach and security please use:

  • press _at_ geti2p.net - Press contact
    GPG Key fingerprint: 48C7 AAAB 0B9E 4FE3 9535 9EBE 4B05 8F7D 13F6 E886
  • security _at_ geti2p.net - Vulnerability disclosure
    GPG Key fingerprint: EA27 06D6 14F5 28DB 764B F47E CFCD C461 75E6 694A
    Public key


Please visit our I2P user forum - i2pforum.net (available on non-private internet at https://i2pforum.net and on I2P at http://i2pforum.i2p)

I2P デベロッパーフォーラム (I2P ネットワーク内からでしか到達できません)ではI2Pの開発事項に関する議論の大半が行われています。開発者のIRCチャンネルが活発でなければ、ここは質問をするには通常最高の場所です。

Social Media


私たちの主要な IRC ネットワークは、 I2P 内にある Irc2P ネットワークです。このネットワークへのデフォルトのトンネルは新規ルーターインストールでセットアップされています。 また、OFTCや、EINFreenodeなどの複数の標準的なネットワークにもあります。 これらのネットワークのすべての I2P に関連するチャンネルは、すべてリレーボットを経由して Irc2P のメインチャンネルにリンクしています。


#i2p       全般的な I2P の議論とヘルプチャンネル
#i2p-chat  主題から外れた話
#i2p-dev   開発話


I2P has no active mailing lists, however archives can be accessed.



Admin Project Manager zzz point of contact of last resort
Donations treasurer meeh manage donations
PR manager Sadie press contact, manages public relations and affairs
Assistant PR manager idk Public speaking, public relations assistance
Forum admin eche|on manage the public user forum
Download mirrors admin idk, Meeh manage the mirrors for the download files
Website mirrors admin [vacant] manage the mirrors for the website
Monotone guru eche|on manage the public monotone repositories
Packager; Linux zzz Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) distribution packager
Packager; Windows zzz Windows installer packager
Packager; OSX Meeh OSX installer packager
Release Manager zzz Builds and signs the releases
Release Manager Alternates eche|on, str4d Backup release managers
CI admin idk Maintain the Continuous Integration infrastructure
Reseed admin backup Monitors, advises and recruits reseed hosts
Security Researcher [vacant] threat model / crypto expert
Trac admin Meeh Manage the project bug tracker
Trac webserver admin Meeh manage the public project webservers
Translation admins eche|on, zzz, idk, Sadie Admins on Transifex
User Advocate Sadie gather, prioritize, advocate for user needs
Product Development Sadie supervises projects from the early planning stages to project completion
Website Maintainer idk manage the public project website content design
Webserver admin eche|on manage the public project webservers
Website admin idk manage the public project website content
News Admin eche|on manage router console news feed
Backup News Admin idk manage the backup news feed
Design and Usability Sadie, idk ongoing improvements to user experience for website and software
Google Play admin idk, meeh
F-Droid admin idk
Outproxy admin Meeh

Dev Core Lead zzz lead dev for the SDK and router
I2P mail lead postman organize and develop the i2p mail system
I2P-Bote lead str4d I2P-Bote plugin
I2PSnark lead zzz Maintains the integrated Bittorrent client
Syndie lead [vacant] Syndie development
Susimail lead zzz Susimail development
Android lead idk Android development
Console idk, Sadie Router console HTML/CSS design
SAM zzz SAM maintainer
Translators many many people! Translators on Transifex
Contributors cervantes fire2pe dev, console enhancements
Mathiasdm desktopgui, dijjer port
zzz Debian/Ubuntu Packager and PPA maintainer
str4d Routerconsole backend and UI work, website revamp, unit tests work
[vacant] Help needed on many fronts!

Past contributors mihi I2PTunnel development, ministreaming library
jrandom Project lead, Syndie lead
Complication Project lead, Syndie lead, I2Phex, support guru
mkvore iMule lead
redzara I2Phex work
striker I2Phex work
legion I2Phex work
Connely Python SAM library, attack simulations
mastiejaner i2pmail development
dust Syndie help
susi23 i2p mail,susimail and susidns apps
sirup I2Phex (port of Phex to I2P)
Ragnarok addressbook,i2p-bt,syndie client
duck organize and develop the i2p-bt BitTorrent port
Ragnarok addressbook, i2p-bt, syndie client development
thecrypto encryption and signature routines, I2PIM
aum SAM jython code, work on stasher (DHT) and v2v (VoI2P)
hypercubus installer, systray, bogobot
ugha jbigi development, wiki migration, doc cleanup
oOo java debugging and client development on I2PTunnel and the router console
BrianR SAM perl module
eco i2psnark work
shendaras java cleanup
JAnonymous docs. wiki migration
jar translations into French
scintilla C port of jcpuid
smeghead C# SAM library, pants, fortuna integration
Nightblade libSAM
dinoman i2p-bt tracker development
DrWoo i2p-bt tracker development
dr|z3d Console and website themes
walking Chinese translation
monkeybrains Dutch translation
magma French translation
eche|on, mixxy German translation
rus, 4get, slow Russian translation
user Spanish translation
thelastcode, hamada Arabic translation
… and many others
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