There are many ways you can help I2P.

To get involved, please feel free to join us on the forum, which is available at on the non-private internet and at i2pforum.i2p inside the I2P network, or to create an account on our project Gitlab inside the I2P network here or on the non-private internet here. If you don't want to create an account on our forum, some of our developers are active Redditors who will talk to you on r/i2p and many of us also operate Github accounts where we work on I2P-Related projects, but we do not offer official support for I2P contributions via Github. For real-time chat, there is an IRC network within I2P. Please join the #i2p-dev IRC channel (on,, or within I2P on irc.echelon.i2p, irc.dg.i2p or irc.postman.i2p). Other contact information is maintained on this page.

If you're interested in development, please get in touch as we're always looking for new contributors.

Join us on our Gitlab

We need help in many areas, and you don't need to know Java to contribute. Here's a list to help get you started.

Grow the Community

Host Services for Yourself and Others

  • Servizi — Self-hosting almost anything, from an SSH server for yourself to an ActivityPub forum for everyone and anything in between, is helpful to the I2P network, especially if you write down instructions for others. Almost anything you can think of can be made to work with I2P, and your service is valuable to the network.
  • Reseeding — Getting new users onto the network is a very important task, and that task is handled by our reseed servers. The more reseed servers we have, the more de-centralized and redundant our infrastructure is. It's a big responsibility, but it's pretty easy to set up a reseed server for new routers to bootstrap from. Detailed instructions are on our reseed server page.

Develop Software


  • Dona: I2P is FOSS - Free Open-Source Software, which is supported by volunteers and by donations. If you use the network, please consider setting a monthly donation to help cover costs for maintainers and developers to keep improving the software and network.